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Because we are convinced that it is both necessary and desirable to create a safe and Gospel-centred context for sharing and listening so that we can engage safely around issues of race, inequality, experiences, questions, hurt & hope as South African Christ-followers – we have decided to start this PODCAST.

The Podcast is primarily for the members of our church and we hope that our recorded conversation around these often hard but necessary issues will catalyse Gospel-centred conversations within our church community that will be honest but filled with the grace and hope that is only possible in Christ Jesus.

The members of SITHINI are just a collection of ordinary Christ-followers – all South Africans damaged in various ways by our dark history in SA. We are not professionals, intellectuals or political commentators, rather we all love Jesus and want to be part of God’s solution to our countries problems.

Gareth Bowley, Ntokozo Mkhize, Sithabile Ntshele & Nganganga Nhama

This journey has been enriching for us as members of SITHINI and we trust that God will use this in the lives of many others too. If you have any questions or feedback for the team, please email us HERE

  1. Episode 1 “Back to Eden”: In this episode, we consider how all human beings are image-bearers of God and discuss how Apartheid damaged that in all of us & yet how the Gospel is the solution.
  2. Episode 2 “Baby steps!”: In this episode, we discuss how we so desperately need to learn to engage better with fellow South Africans around the tough conversations we need to have and look at ways to keep these conversations hopeful & helpful.
  3. Episode 3 “Real Life”: In this episode, we all share personal stories of our common experience of being damaged by racism in South Africa as we seek to learn from one another and then we discuss why we are part of this church, Reconciliation Road Church and what our hope is.
  4. Episode 4 “I’m not racist!”: In this episode, we consider race and racism and ask whether, in fact, everyone in SA are either racists, recovering racists or liars? We consider how acknowledging the truth about it can be so helpful for us all.
  5. Episode 5 “A Non-racial, Multi-Cultural & Class-crossing Church?”: In this episode, we ask two questions. What is that & is it possible?
  6. Episode 6 “Handbrake!”: In this episode, we discuss the things we do that shut down the conversations we need to have. Things like fear, white guilt & black anger, low CQ…) and consider how we can overcome these obstacles for helpful dialogue.
  7. Episode 7 “Legacy & Privilege & Hope!”: In this episode, we discuss the ongoing inertia of privilege and consider issues like repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation & restitution as Christ-followers as we pursue healing & hope.
  8. Episode 8 “Black Lives Matter”: In this episode, we delve into the Black Lives Matter experience of 2020 and consider why what happened in the USA has relevance or irrelevance for us here in SA. We also consider the role of social media and ask what wisdom looks like for the Christ-Follower.
  9. Episode 9 “Healing” Does time really heal?: In this episode, we ask whether we can truly have hope for healing? We consider how healing could be activated in our community and consider why the Gospel the only hope for the healing our nation needs.
  10. Episode 10 “Moving Forward”: In this episode, we discuss what we can do practically as Christ-followers to move forward personally, as a church, community & nation from our damaged past?