RecRoad Church COVID – 19 Response Plan

RecRoad Church COVID – 19 Response Plan

This is an unprecedented moment in the life of our country and our church. The Government has declared a state of national disaster and banned all meetings greater than 100 people. This is the letter of the regulations, but the spirit of the regulations is that the only way to minimise the risk of this virus causing untold damage to our people is to reduce infections by physical distancing & isolation of sick people.

As an eldership and leadership team we are totally committed to playing our part in this significant moment. History shows that decisive action is the best way to protect lives and to minimise the impact of a pandemic like COVID-19.

As a result, we have made the difficult but necessary decision to close down ALL RecRoadChurch meetings with immediate effect. This means that for the present time there will be no; Sunday worship celebrations & Community Groups, Prayer meetings etc… This will allow all of us to reduce contact, allow for physical distancing & to protect those at risk.

Please know that;

  • We are not taking this action out of fear but faith in God!
  • We are trusting God for all our lives & for the future life and health of our church as well!
  • We have prayed for wisdom from God & feel this is God’s wisdom at this moment.
  • We feel this is what caring for all people & what loving our neighbour looks like at present
  • We feel this is what it looks like now to fully support our Government’s attempts to curb this threat.
  • We are choosing to STAY APART now so that we can BE TOGETHER for years to come!

This is a hard decision because the church is you and I gathered together! The church is people joined together and meeting together in real loving & caring relationships, gathering for worship, prayer, fellowship and God’s Word.

These measures strike at the very core of what a church is, but we believe that this trial will serve to focus our faith, reinforce our relationships and clarify our commitment to one another in this time. We will continue to preach each week.

This week Sunday Gareth will be preaching into this moment in our nation. The Sunday messages will be recorded on video and audio, and we will send a link to you all so that you can either watch or listen to the messages as individuals or as families. If you can not afford the small amount of data that will be required to listen to the audio of the messages – please contact the church office so that we can make ways to help you. In addition to this, our Pulse team will produce material each week for all our parents so that the children’s New City Catechism journey can continue with you at home.We will re-assess this current response plan and will move to a more moderate response as soon as is possible and safe which will entail small groups meeting as and when that is advisable and wise with clear guidelines for meetings for everyone’s safety.

We encourage everyone in our church to make extraordinary efforts to reach out in creative ways using technology during this time of ‘physical distancing’ to stay connected to each other. We urge you to keep asking God how you can love and care for others as the pandemic progresses. Think of the elderly or people who are at risk that you might be able to serve by shopping for them. Be wise about minimising contact, especially with those who might have been infected or at risk. We want to urge everyone in our church to remain faithful or even increase your tithing so that we as a church might be able to respond strongly in this time of need as the pandemic progresses.

The Elders and the Pastoral team, Community Group Leaders are here to serve you and care for you in any way possible, so please reach out if you have any need or concern – we want to be there for you in your time of need!We lift up our eyes; we know where our help comes from, from the LORD who made heaven and earth (Ps121)!


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