These are unprecedented times, and as a church, we have embarked on finding ways to stay connected and fellowship together even when we are apart.

We have four prayer meetings weekly:

  • Church Prayer via a dedicated WhatsApp group every Sunday. If you are not on the group for any reason, please contact Sithabile on 0835386869 and we will gladly add you. (7am-8am)
  • Women’s Prayer Meeting done via a dedicated WhatsApp group every Tuesday. Please contact Sithabile if you would like to be added to this group. (7pm-8pm)
  • Men’s Prayer meeting via men’s WhatsApp group. This is an adaptation of the weekly prayer meeting that was held every Wednesday at the church building. If you are not on this group and would like to be added, please contact Rob or Gareth. (5:30am-6:15am)
  • Church Prayer meeting on Zoom every Thursday evenings. The Zoom meeting code and password will be shared via the RecRoad WhatsApp group on the day. (6pm-7pm)


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